Monday, January 31, 2011

Walmart Deals - 01/30/11

I don't shop Walmart for deals very often because CVS and Walgreens are so good to me but, this trip made me think twice about Walmart. They have also become more coupon friendly in recent times, or at least the ones in my area.

These are all Walmart's regular prices unless otherwise specified.

I was able to snag $46.65 worth of products for $5.64!!

(1) Tide Stain Release Spray   $3.97
(1) Fantastik All-Purpose Spray   $1.97
(1) Lysol Kitchen Cleaner Spray   $1.98
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Bathroom Spray   $6.97
(1) Purina Puppy Chow 4.5 lb. bag   $4.50
(2) Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cereal   $2.38 x 2 = $4.76
(1) NY Bagel Chips Snacks   $2.50
(1) Excedrin Extra Strength   $2.92
(1) Excedrin Migraine Geltabs   $2.92
(1) Yoplait French Vanilla Yogurt Cup   $0.50
(2) Bar-S Franks Hot Dogs   $0.88 x 2 = $1.76
(2) Reach Dental Floss   $0.97 x 2 = $1.94
(3) Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush   $0.96 x 3 = $2.88
(2) Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats   $1.48 x 2 = $2.96
(2) Whiskas Lickins Cat Treats   $1.07 x 2 = $2.14
(1) Hartz Crunch N' Clean Cat Treats   $1.
Subtotal = $46.65

- (1) $3 Tide Stain Release MQ
- (1) $0.75 Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner MQ
- (1) $0.75 Lysol Kitchen Cleaner MQ
- (1) $5 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Spray MQ
- (1) $2 scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Spray Hangtag (on the bottle)
- (1) $1 Puppy Chow MQ (found in previous bag of dog food)
- (2) $1 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut MQ
- (1) $3.99 NY Bagel Chips IQ
- (2) FREE ($5.99) Excedrin MQ (Facebook Offer)
- (1) FREE ($0.79) Yoplait Yogurt Cup (Facebook Offer)
- (1) $1/2 Bar-S Hot Dogs MQ
- (2) $1 Reach Dental Floss IQ
- (3) $0.75 Colgate Toothbrush MQ
- (2) $1 Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats MQ
- (1) $1/2 Whiskas Lickins Cat Treats MQ
- (1) $1.50 Hartz Crunch N' Clean Cat Treats MQ
Total OOP = $5.64

Please check out your local Walmart for great savings!!

Happy Shopping!!

*Not all Walmarts allow overage.

Last week's freebies...

FREE FreeStyle Lite Diabetes Meter (diabetes offer found on
FREE Original Yoplait Cup (Facebook offer)
FREE Nail Clippers (

Let's see what comes in next week's mail.

Marlboro Contest Win!!

Here is my contest win from Marlboro's Outwit The West Contest. 10 weeks of 5 weekly questions whose answers were tallied for points. At the end and during the contest, the points could be redeemed for prizes. My point total allowed me to get this wonderful jacket. It is a Carhartt Women's Sandstone Ridge Coat (ARV: $120) in Olive. This is a very nice heavy coat. I will definitely be participating in Marlboro's future contests. Woohoo!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CoffeMate Game Night Party Pack!!

Awhile back in December, I applied to be a CoffeMate Game Night Party Host and I received my party pack today!! I can't wait to have our new family game night and try out these new games. Woohoo!! Along with some great coffee and even try some new creamer flavors.

Here is what the party pack includes:

(1) Texas Hold 'Em Poker Set in Aluminum Case
(1) Cranium Board Game
(2) FREE Coffee-Mate Coupons for Hostess
(16) FREE Coffee-Mate Coupons for Guests
(16) Paper Coffee Cups
(16) Paper Napkins
(24) Taster's Choice Coffee Singles
(24) Coffee-Mate Creamer Singles

Over $125 worth of products!!!

Thanks Hip2Save!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

CVS Deals - 01/23/11

I was able to get $45.08 worth of products for $0.09 after sales and coupons!!

(2) Xtra Laundry Detergents @ $1.49 ea. = $2.98
(1) NYC Minute Nail Color @ $1.99
(1) Crest Mouthwash @ $3.99
(1) Nivea Body Lotion @ $5.79
(1) Garnier Hairspray @ $2.97
(2) Colgate 7.6 oz Total Advanced Whitening @ $4.99 ea. = $9.98
(2) Snickers Peanut Butter Candy @ $0.89 = $1.78
(1) Rubbermaid Easy Find Storage Container @ 2/$5 = $2.50
(1) Combos Crackers & Cheese Snacks @ $2.49
Subtotal = $34.47

- $4.99 Colgate Toothpaste BOGO Sale
- (1) $1 Colgate Total Toothpaste MQ
- (2) $1 Xtra Laundry Detergent (Internet Q)
- (1) $1 NYC Minute Color (Internet Q)
- (1) $2 Nivea Lotion MQ
- (1) $1 Garnier Hair Styling Product (Internet Q)
- (1) BOGO Snickers Peanut Butter MQ
- (1) $1 Rubbermaid Easy Find Storage MQ
- (1) $1 CVS Machine Q for Combos Snacks
- $19.50 ECBS (from previous shopping trips)
Total OOP = $0.09 + tax

Received $3.99 in ECBs back!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Read It Foward - Win Free Books!!

Read It Foward is neat program that lets you win free books. I have won a couple of books from this program and love it. If you love to read and love books then, this is the place for you. Head on over there and enter for your chance to win an advanced copy of an up and coming bestseller.

Here is my most recent win...

Friday, January 21, 2011

This week's freebies...

FREE Reusable NFL bag w/ Gatorade coupon from Dollar General (internet giveaway)
FREE 25 Photos from Office Depot (internet coupon)
FREE Bath & Body Works Hand Lotion (B&BW Montly Club Member - up to $10 freebie)
FREE mags - Sports Illustrated Kids & Guitar Player
FREE Maalox Tablets (Used a $5 off MQ at Wal-Mart)

My Very LAST order from

I received a call from JC Penney the other day and was told that I had an order ready for pick up. Imagine my surprise when I figured out that it was a backordered item from way back in 2010 when JCP had the $10 off $10 code. These mugs are beautiful and very sturdy. The picture doesn't do them any justice. Best part was they were completely FREE!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MTV Contest WIN!! -- The InStyler

I won this way back at the end of November 2010. I was so excited because my girls have been asking for one of these for the past 3 years but we just haven't been able to afford one. Plus, I was very skeptical. Really? I just couldn't plop down $100 for something that they seen on TV. So, I entered a contest to win one from and three days later I received a phone call that I had won 1 of like 5. They emailed me an affidavit that had to be in their office in three days!! I rushed to the post office and mailed my forms and crossed my fingers that it would arrive in time. In all the paperwork they had sent me, it stated that if they did receive my forms within their time limit, they would mail out the package on December 22nd. Well, it was a no show for Christmas and just a few days ago, my daughters came to the realization that our envelope just didn't make it in time. Imagine our surprise when this package arrived via FedEx yesterday. WTG MTV!!! Thank you very much!! Better late than never. I now have 3 very happy girls. Look for a product review soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Wonderful Birthday Gifts!!

My mom ROCKS!! She gave one of the best birthday gifts ever!! Thanks mom!! Awhile back before my youngest child was born, I was fortunate enough to work for Disneyland as a security guard and became a huge Mickey Mouse fan. I always loved Mickey but working there made me an even bigger fan. I loved my job at Disney. I am also a HUGE Los Angeles Dodgers fan...I mean HUGE!! So, combine the two and you have the most awesome birthday present ever!! The Dodger ornament is cool, too!! I love my mom. She's the best.

My other awesome gift, was the beautiful wooden frame that my SO gave me. He knew that my 16x20 poster picture of all my children was my favorite and deserved to be displayed in a gorgeous frame. So, for my birthday he surprised me with this cherry wood frame and hung my beloved picture above our television so that I may see ALL my beautiful children everyday. Thank you, Anthony, for giving me a gift that means so much to me. I love you very much!!

Thank you everyone for all the warm birthday wishes!! You all mean so very much to me!!

SEPHORA Birthday Freebies!!

My birthday was a couple of days ago and I was out and about. I headed over to Sephora in The Woodlands Mall and redeemed my birthday email. I received a 3-pc make-up set that includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and a vanilla bath & body wash that smells like birthday cake!! Yummy!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walgreens Deals - 11/13/11

I got $7.98 worth of products for only $0.50 after sale and coupons!!

Only 1 Transaction...

(4) 40th Anniversary Edition UNO cards @ .99 ea.
Subtotal = $3.96

- $3.50 RR (from previous shopping trip)
Total OOP = $0.46 + tax

Happy Shopping!!

FREE 16x20 Poster from Clark Color Labs (just pay S&H)

Clark Color Labs offered a code that gave a free 16x20 poster size photo if you just paid $3.19 in shipping charges. (Sorry, code expired January 10, 2011) It was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up. I had one made of all my 5 kids together. I absolutely love it!! It is not flimsy like I have seen some made. This is a very good quality photo stock. Now,  all I need is to find a great deal on a pretty frame so that I can hang it above our TV in my living room. 

This Week's Freebies...

2 FREE 2011 Calendars from HEB (Store Giveaway)
FREE Field & Stream magazine
FREE Slam magazine

2 FREE T-shirts from

What a great way to start saving for Christmas 2011!!

FREE Aim Toothpaste from Medco Health Store

A few weeks ago Medco Health Store offered up some sweet instant coupons, even FREE toothpaste. I was able to score 4 FREE Aim toothpaste for only $0.99 shipping!! Sounds like a great deal to me. Thanks Hip2Save!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walgreens Deals - 01/11/11

I was able to snag $54.55worth of products for only $5.05 after sale and coupons.

Transaction #1

Go Kids! Gummies Multi-Vitamins - $5
Total OOP = $5

Received $5 RR

Transaction #2
(2) Special K Cereals - 2/$5
(1) Colgate Toothpaste - $1
(1) Palmolive Dishsoap - $1.09
(2) BIC Triumph Pens - $1.99 ea. = $3.98
(2) Milky Way Bars - 2/$1.59
(1) Snickers Bar (Eaten by a HUNGRY couponer, LOL!!) - $0.89
(4) Reach Toothbrushes - $3.99 ea. = $15.96
Subtotal = $29.51

-(1) Special K BOGO Internet Q
-(1) $0.75 Colgate MQ
-(1) $0.75 Palmolive MQ
-(2) $2 BIC Triumph Pens Internet Q
-(1) $0.50 Milky Way Internet Q
-(2) BOGO Reach Toothbrush MQ
-(1) $2/2 Reach Toothbrushes Internet Q
-(1) WAGS in-ad Q
- $5 RR (from Transaction #1)
TOTAL OOP = $0.05

Received $2RR for Special K cereal

Great way to turnaround a $5RR!!!

Happy Shopping Everyone!!

FREE Terra Chips & Excedrin...

FREE Terra Chips and (4) Bottles of Excedrin!! Woohoo!! All FREE using redeemed coupons!! The Terra Kettle Chips are pretty good. Not bad at all. Great healthy snack. Even my picky eaters enjoyed them.

Remember to keep checking those freebie sites and come back and share what you've got!!

Happy Shopping!!

Freebies from last week...

FREE Box of Cat Food from Purina ONE Beyond  (Mr. Guiness loved it!!)
FREE $30 GC from Office Depot (from
FREE Bath & Body Works Customer Card (Monthly Freebies)
(4) FREE Excedrin Coupons

Beautiful Pearl Necklace from

This was a contest win from I don't remember when but only that it was awhile back. There was no note included so, it took a little digging to figure out where it came from. LOL. This will go perfect with my pearl earrings from Helzberg Diamonds!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Happy New Year to all my family and friends!! May 2011 bring peace, joy, and happiness to each and every one of you!! May all your dreams come true and many blessings bestowed on you and your family. Let 2011 be the best year ever!!