Our Pets

A Very Spoiled Cat...Mr. Guiness

Mr. Guiness was a birthday present to me from my beloved SO two years ago. We went to a local animal shelter where I was to pick out my present. Well, needless to say, my present picked me. I wanted an orange tabby and he was the closest thing there. My family was trying to convince me to take a small grey tabby kitten. As I was holding Guiness, a worker came in and told me that he was 6 months old AND that he was a Clearance cat...a Clearance cat? Never heard of such a thing. She explained that he had been returned twice. I was shocked. How could this cute little face be returned twice? She explained that if we didn't take him that his days were numbered. In the hallway of the shelter were cages of animals whose "days were numbered; they were on the row of doom". I felt bad for them but did not see any that were healthy enough to bring home. I put Guiness back in his cage and turned to my family to see what they thought, when all of a suden this little paw reached through his cage and swiped my shoulder, pleading his case. Well, that's all it took. I took him out of his cage and home he went with us. It wasn't soon after I found out why he was the "clearance" cat. He cried and bellowed all day and all night for 3 weeks. It was a nightmare but I was determined to hang in there. I was NOT returning him. Eventually, his adjustment period ended and he is a permanent member of our family.

Dixie...Our Beloved Pooch

Dixie came to us one day when my SO and my DS were at the laundermat in San Antonio, TX. My son tells the story that as they were waiting outside and this little dog came up to him, wagging her tail. As every little boy does, he begged to keep her and my SO didn't have the heart to say no and passed the buck to me. My SO thought that she was so ugly that I would say no. My DS was so thrilled to bring home a new dog home. Imagine my surprise when they come bouncing in with her in tow. It was love at first sight for me. I thought she was the cutest thing ever. To my SO's surprise, she has been with us ever since. That was 5 years ago and actually, she has become his dog. She follows him everywhere, to the store, to the park. They are two peas in a pod.

Our Newest Edition...

This is Lil' Raider. He is our newest edition to our family. Dixie had pups about 6 weeks ago and this little guy won our hearts. He is a very playful pup and cute as a button. We look foward to having him become a part of our family.

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  1. Only two pictures of Raider! I want more! He is too cute! So what does Dixie think of the new addition?