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A Christmas Blessing!!  After 11 years, I am reunited with my oldest son when he came to spend Christmas break with us. He not only got to spend time with me but with his brother and sisters. This is my favorite photo of all time, all 5 of my children together...finally!! What a precious two weeks it was.

Happy Holidays 2010!! This is our yearly Santa photo. Christmas has arrived in Montgomery, TX.  Many thanks to Coldwell Bank for the photo and treats. Merry Christmas to all!!

Halloween 2010 - We had fun!! We attended a "trunk or treat" event at a local church where they had scary mazes, raffles, and pumpkins to decorate. Our next stop was a nearby Walmart where they gave away candy, cupcakes, sno-cones, and nachos. My two oldest also won 1st and 2nd place in their scavenger hunt, each receiving a gift card, woohoo!! There goes another Halloween gone by...

Their First NFL Game!!!

My SO and my DS attended their first ever NFL game last month. My DS was thrilled to not only be going but to see his favorite team in the whole world---the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! The Texans vs. The Buccaneers at Reliant Stadium on Sept. 9, 2010. They had a blast!! SO has a friend who has season tickets and passed along his preseason seats to this game to us. They were 4 rows away from the field. What a view!! It will be something they both will never forget. The clincher was that at the end of the game as the players were leaving the field, my DS received a receiver's glove from one the Tampa Bay players. That was the highlight of his life.

NFL Pass, Punt, & Kick

Many you of know that in this family...WE LOVE FOOTBALL!! and when the kids got a chance to participate in the NFL's Pass, Punt, & Kick Competition we were excited. We took the kids to the field and with maybe a few minutes to practice they threw their passes, kicked and punted their footballs. They only had one shot at each event. We only had 2 compete, our DS and youngest DD. We waited five agonizing days for their results and here they are...

Our DD came in 3rd place for her entire age group (8-9 yo girls)

Punt : 28' 10"
Pass:  33'
Kick:  24' 6"

Our DS came in 1st place for his entire age group (12-13yo boys)

Punt:  65' 2"
Pass:  84' 9"
Kick: 47' 2"

He will be the next Tom Brady!! He moves on in the competition and will compete on Oct. 16 in Regionals and if he successfully completes that round he will compete at Reliant Stadium at a Texans game to represent the Texans at a national competition in January. He has been practicing every day and we are behind him 100%

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  1. Wow, awesome! It must be the great gene pool!!