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Philadelphia Cooking Creme

I recently tried the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme thanks to and it was a huge hit with my large family. The quality and taste was excellent and what one would expect from the Philadelphia Company. It was easy to use and made for a quick clean up. The recipes that were provided were super easy one dish casseroles that were perfect for a busy week night. We tried the Easy Chicken Enchiladas that used the Philadelphia Santa Fe Blend Cooking Creme, the Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Casserole that used the Philadelphia Savory Garlic Cooking Creme, and Creamy Italian Mac and Cheese which used the Italian Cheese and Herb Cooking Creme. All three were big hits, but the chicken & broccoli casserole was our favorite. To make this recipe even easier we used cut up pre-cooked chicken found in our grocer's freezer section. These will definitely make it to my family cookbook for those super busy week nights. Try any of these recipes and you won't be disappointed!

Clairol Nice n' Easy Foam Hair Color

I just tried the new Nice N' Easy Foam Hair Coloring System and I personally give it an overall rating of a C+. The volume of the product is fantastic!! I give it an A+ for giving more color to their product. One full bottle did my long hair when it usually takes two boxes. It claims that the foam is no drip but I actually found it to drip more than my regular hair coloring system. But, it does clean up really well on a smooth surface. I also found it to not as stain as much on my skin. Even though the Nice N' Easy Foam  had its definite pros and cons, it still wasn't enough to persuade me to switch from my current hair coloring system.

O' Cedar Pro Mist Mop

The O Cedar Pro Mist Mop (retails for about $19.99) is the only mop I will ever use again. If you are in the market for a new mop, look no further. The Pro Mist has a removable bottle that allows you to fill it with your own cleaning solution. You can use what you want and how much you want. No seperate purchase of brand cleaners for diffrent uses. Plus, it has a removable cloth mop head that can be washed and reused approximately 50 times according to their instructions. The first time I washed the mophead, it came out very clean and easily reattached with no problems. I only recommend to purchase an extra mophead to switch out with. The swivel head smoothly turns to fit into those hard to reach places.This mop is very easy to use. Just squeeze the trigger to spray your solution and mop away. O Cedar has put out an excellent product in The Pro Mist Mop.

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