Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome To My Rockin' Deals!

Welcome everyone!! Friends, Family and Fellow Deal Seekers!! So many people out there always ask me where and how do I find such great deals. Well, now I will share my secrets and show off my "Rockin' Deals" In this tough economy everyone should be couponing and I'm here to help you. Feeding and maintaining a family of 6 is a tough job but I have happily learned how to stretch a buck. I never pay full price for anything anymore, not if I can help it. I have been furiously couponing since January of this year and love it! I have even taught my children the value of a dollar and they have turned to be great deal seekers as well. I love to shop as much as the next person but just can't afford to the way I want (If only I would win the lottery! Don't we all wish!) but, this way I'm not just shopping, I'm paying pennies. So, sit back and enjoy my blog and you just might learn a little something.

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