Monday, November 29, 2010

CVS Thanksgiving Day Sale!!

I went to the CVS Thanksgiving Day Sale at midnight on Thursday armed with $24.50 in ECBs. My goal was to purchase the above products as cheap as I could to get the ECBS so that I could get some free Snuggies. I spent $20.70 on the products above and received $33.82 in ECBs. My total ECB count was $58.32!! I turned around and used the ECBs to get all this for FREE....

6 Snuggies @ 8.88 each = $53.28
1 Stuffed HK = $5.99
Subtotal = $59.27

-$58.32 ECBs

TOTAL OOP = $0.95 (Almost Totally FREE!!)

The best $20 bucks I ever spent!!

Happy Shopping!!

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